We currently use a Dell SonicWall NSA2400, I often have complaints that our 20Mbps UP and Down is always maxed out. I needed away to manage the bandwidth from different subnets.

1. Firstly create the address objects i.e. create the subnets that you want to bandwidth manage:



Optional: Then the object group to group them all together



Next go to BWM under Firewall Settings and BWM, then change the type to Advanced:


Next go to Bandwidth object and create an object and choose if you would like a guaranteed bandwidth and your max bandwidth:

Guaranteed Bandwidth –  slices that portion out so no one else can use it.
Maximum Bandwidth  – Is the upper threshold that the whole subnet can use combined together.
Violation Action – Drop meaning the packet will be terminted
Delay will hang onto the packet to process as the TTL isn’t exceeded.


Next create a Firewall Access Rule:


On the access rule,

From: i.e. where the traffic is coming from in this cause our internal LAN.

To: The internet or WAN

Any port and service,

Source: our new subnet group.

Destination: anywhere on the internet

Users Included: All

Users Excluded: None

Schedule: Choose a schedule to manage the bandwidth. I have created multiple so after hours there is no restriction.


Finally choose the logging and extra security:



Next go to BWM and choose your new Bandwidth object.

Note Egress is bandwidth “out” and Ingress is bandwidth “in”:


To confirm anything is in place you can check you access rules.
1. A filter symbol means BWM is applied
2. A clock symbol means it is scheduled.

Also you can watch a GUI of statistics on Dashboard –> BMW Monitor

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