I love being able to create site to site VPN’s but when I was asked to create a connection from a SonicWall NS4200 to and old WatchGuard X5 for a small Sports Complex, I started to think.
Luckily they are both compliant with standard protocols and below is the following walk through.

SonicWall Configuration

1. First log into your Sonicwall navigate to Network –> Address Objects and select Add at the bottom. You need to create an Address Object for both Internal LAN Networks and also for the VPN Site.


2. Once the Address Objects have been created navigate to VPN and select Add


2. Fill in the Highlighted boxes with the necessary information of your remote site.

General Tab


Network Tab


Proposals Tab

Keep a note as this must match the WatchGuard.

Advanced Tab

Note: Keep Alive should only be enabled at one end usually the remote end.


WatchGuard Configuration


Once the firewall is configured Navigate to VPN and select Manual VPN. Then select Add.

Enter the following information to exactly match the SonicWall.

  • Shared Key
  • Mode
  • Remote IP
  • Local ID
  • Remote ID
  • Authentication and Encryption
  • Negotiation
  • DH Group
  • Tick Keep Alive


Phase 2

Local and Remote Networks are the same as the Address object setup in the SonicWall but Reversed.


Once you submit the VPN should come up.

If you have to troubleshoot, enable and disable the VPN from the SonicWall side then navigate to log.

The Log Monitor will tell you why a connection could not be made.


Happy Days!




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